World famous Pakistani singer Atif aslam Biography


Atif aslam Biography

Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer-song writer , music director, composer and an actor.

Personal life

On March 12, 1983, Atif Aslam was born in Wazirabad, Pakistan, and became a Muslim family. He began his education at the Kimberley Hall School in Lahore, and he joined the St. Paul’s Cambridge School in the Rawalpindi Satellite City. In 1991, he moved to Rawalpindi. After returning to Lahore in 1995, Atif joined the district public school in Lahore. He attended high school at PAF College and received a BSc in Computer Science from the Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS) in Lahore. In March 2013, Atif married the educator Sarah Bharwana and was lucky enough to have a son in March 2014.Sara Bharwana is a Lahore girl and an educator. Atif met Sara at the wedding party. They are happy married couples.


Atif has always been a board fan, he is eager to be a fast pitcher and represent his country through this platform. His great passion and skill in the field led him to be selected for the training of the U-19 squad in Pakistan and began training on behalf of his country at the U-19 World Cup.

It is in the bachelor’s degree program at PICS that Atif has a strong interest in music. With the support and encouragement of friends, Atif began to sing in his university and soon began to perform publicly. At PICS, Atif met the composer and guitarist Goher Mumtaz. This led them to perform at universities and various restaurants. When they got the fame, the two felt it necessary to propose the name of a band. After many considerations, “Jal” means the existence of “water”. With his pocket money, Atif recorded his first song “Aadat”, which spread in a short period of time, and Jal became a household name. Aadat became a youth song, and Atif immediately gained an unparalleled popularity. With the unprecedented success of Aadat, Jal toured together. During this tour, there was a personal problem between Atif and Goher, the band parted, and Atif began his career.


The kind of music that comes directly from his heart. Define the tunes of Atif Aslam. From the original and sensual Jalpari, to vibrant and rocking Doorie, to the evergreen Meri Kahani.


Including his three chart top albums, Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood, Cola Studios and occasional singles, Aslam has so far recorded over 116 songs.


End description

Atif is a person who acts instead of words. It is a very appropriate expression of this famous saying: “Work hard to silence, let the noise make success!” In addition to his emotional voice, this is his mysterious personality, constantly increasing his already A huge fan base. Rule a kingdom of lovers, supporters, fans and blessers, but rooted in his roots, which made him the Atif Aslam– Humble Superstar. He believes that his fans are his most precious asset, giving them reason not only to fall in love with his music, but to appreciate his vibrant personality and impressive personality.

Who can think of an inexperienced Lahori boy who recently had a controversial split in his band, and only one song can be said to be his credit, in such a short time, he will become a fame, star and incredible height of glory has become the greatest outstanding figure. Although he is a name that is believed to be lost in the vast ocean of emerging artists, Atif managed to not only ensure his position in the field, but also won the game! Today, his enthusiastic fans from toddlers to grandparents have proved that no one can be protected from the magic and charm of Atif Aslam. Rooted in nature, animated personality and a fascinating aura define the true Atif Aslam who is behind the scenes of all camera and paparazzi. At an early age, it has incredible superstars, millions of crazy fans and supporters, and his name’s outstanding awards and honors have become the model and geek of the world’s one million people, and left behind. All the fires and miracles Atif Aslam continues to shine like his Megastar in his passionate and powerful performance!


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