Passing Microsoft 70-767 Exam on the First Try Is a Reality, Especially with Practice Tests from PrepAway


Microsoft 70-767, or Implementing a Data Warehouse using SQL, is a certification test that is intended for the data warehouse and ETL developers whose goal is to create BI (Business Intelligence) solutions. Their job roles entail data cleansing, extract, transform, and load, as well as data warehouse implementation. Irrespective of your level of experience and competence, it is crucial to study the exam objectives thoroughly to guarantee your success in the test. In this guide, we will discuss the ways of preparation for Microsoft 70-767 and the details of taking it. Let’s start.

Prepare for Microsoft 70-767 exam in 4 steps

If we talk about preparation for any certification exam, it is important to structure and organize your process. This will help you have seamless and efficient study time and get you completely ready. Basically, we will focus on four important steps to take to guarantee your success in the 70-740 test.

  1. Go over the skills measured in the Microsoft 70-767 exam

This should be the first step in your preparation. Go through the skills measured in the 70-767 test to get a general idea of what you are expected to study. These are the topic areas that will be evaluated in the exam. They include:

  • Transform, Extract, and Load Data: 40-45%;
  • Design, Implement, and Maintain a Data Warehouse: 35-40%;
  • Build Data Quality Solutions: 15-20%.

These are the general exam objectives. There are components that provide detailed information about each of these subjects, and they can be found on the certification page. Go through each of the topics and their subtopics to understand the scope of work that you will be tested on.

  1. Take online training courses

During your preparation, it is highly recommended that you take training courses to equip yourself with the relevant skills and knowledge related to the exam topics. Microsoft offers a couple of online courses in its prep options. You can find them on the official webpage. Take time to go through them, and in addition to these ones, consider adding the one provided by the PrepAway platform. As a matter of fact, you can even buy the bundle consisting of different study materials. This package includesa series of training courses that will equip you with everything you need to know about the exam content as well as full-length questions for your practice.

  1. Go over the exam topics again

Aftercompleting the training courses, take your time to explore the topics again. This time, read through each of them and their components in relation to what you have learned while taking the courses. The goal of this step is to refresh what you have learned so far. If there is any objective that looks strange, note it and go over the video tutorials again to learn more about it. At this point, you will know if you need additional study materials to better understand this subject. While going through the topic areas, take the time to recount what you’ve learned about each of them. Ensure you can explain each of the concepts in detail.

  1. Take official practice tests

Visitthe official website to take a practice test. If you have already bought the PrepAway study package, take practice questions from this bundle and try to score at least 95%. The test covers all the topics as well as different types of questions you will find in the actual exam. These include case study, drop down list, drag and drop, single choice, multiple choice, option buttons, repeated answer choices, and GUI simulation. It is important to take the practice test repeatedly so that you can become familiar with the question types and also increase your score. Don’t despair if you don’t cope with practice questions. It is better to fail them than the actual ones. So, practice over and over again to develop competence in each aspect of the exam content. If this means you have to go over the study materials again, do it.

Explore Microsoft 70-767 exam process

Before you take your exam, you have to register on the Pearson VUE platform and pay the fee. The details of this can be found on the certification page. On your scheduled date, the first thing you require to do at the testing center is to sign the policy and non-disclosure agreement. This is a binding document that expressly states that you will not share any details of the exam with the third parties. After this, you can start.

  • Exam questions

It is very critical to know how to interpret questions. That is why it is beneficial to invest time in taking mock tests. Usually, the questions have lots of contents with plenty of distracting information that has nothing to do with the question. Sometimes, it can be confusing but you have to know how to decipher useful from irrelevant. If you have taken the time to work through practice tests, you will be able to interpret the questions easier.

  • Exam duration

In total, you have 150 minutes to complete everything related to the Microsoft 70-767 exam. Please note that not all this time is just for answering the questions. The first 30 minutes are for reading the instructions, NDA, and signing it. If you have any comments regarding the test, you can provide them within this half an hour. The actual duration for completing this certification exam is 120 minutes. After the start, a big timer will be displayed on your screen, counting down the minutes to let you know how much time you have remaining. It is important that you pay attention to the clock, but don’t be distracted by it.


Passing the Microsoft 70-767 exam and earning the associated credential can be difficult, but following our guide and getting all the required study materials will make the task easier. Obtaining a Microsoft certificate is an important part of your professional life. That is why you should take it seriously.


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