Pakistani legend Pop Singer Alamgir Biography


Alamgir Biography

Alamgir is a famous Pakistani pop singer in the 1970s and is actually one of the pioneers of popular Urdu music in Pakistan. He is one of Pakistan’s legends who introduced pop music to Pakistan, a galvanic mixture of body and soul.

Life and Legacy

Alamgir  was born in 1954 to Bangladeshi parents in eastern Pakistan and is now Bangladesh. He studied at P.A.F. Shaheen School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In search of his own destiny, he left home when he was 16 years old. He brought his guitar, an extra shirt and a small tape recorder. He doesn’t know anyone in Karachi and is desperately looking for a job. He works in Karachi and plays guitar in a small cafe “Cafe D Khan” on Tariq Road. The cafe is known for its knowledge gathering, which is where he was discovered. His reward is to dine for free at the hotel. People from the hotel audience liked his guitar and told him about the TV station called Ferozan, and Khushbakht Aliya was holding a show for young people. He gave an audition and Khushbakht liked his guitar, but she had chosen someone else. On the contrary, Music Director Sohail Rana was in the studio and outside the TV station asked someone to call Alamgir to meet. He said that he liked his (Alamgir’s) performance and asked if he would like to perform for the children. This is how he comes in the formal music world.

He began singing on Pakistani television in the early 1970s, when Pakistanis were not familiar with modern Urdu music, and Western music was widely considered to be modern music in Pakistan. Alamgir’s first song, Albela Rahi, is a translation of a foreign language song in Urdu. It became a hot spot among the youth of the 1970s in 1973. In the 1970s, for some time, music-loving boys and girls often gathered on the streets near Jheel Park in Karachi to see the pop singer because he used to ride a red car at night. Alamgir’s second popular song, “Pyar hai zindagi ka gehna”, is also a translation of a foreign song in Urdu. He soon became popular in the younger generation of the country. Alamgir is also known for its rich interpretation of Bengal music. His most famous Bengal song is Aamay Bhashaili Rey.

Awards and Recognition

Alamgir has emerged in the Pakistani music industry. He sang my songs for Pakistani TV in the early stages of his career, but as time went on, he began singing for the Pakistani music industry. And still performing abroad. Alamgir is always healthy and currently lives in USA, Atlanta, Georgia,. He is respected by music lovers everywhere and still performs at live concerts in the USA.

He sang about 400 songs for the TV station. He didn’t sing much for this movie, even though he won the highest film award in Pakistan, called the Nigar Prize, and the song “Mujhe Dilsay Na Bhulana” won by Mehdi Hassan and Noor Jehan in 1978 for the best singer of the year.

In the last 25 years of his fame, he has released about 30 albums. He has more than 20 in Pakistan and about 5 in Bangladesh. He is now settled in Georgia, USA. These days he performed in many cities in the United States and Canada,

A trip to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent for a while. He has his own computerized studio; he records his own albums, keeps on music research, and makes new music.


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