MP3 player – your valuable concentration helper


One of the most remarkable advantages of the modern educational system is the availability of different pathways to gain knowledge. Some people prefer auditory learning.Educators cannot force them to read books at a young age. Such students often turn to academic writers and buy custom papers to avoid boring homework. But everything changes drastically when it comes to listening and speaking. Young peopleshow learning enthusiasm, diligence and perseverance, attend all lectures, record professors’ explanations and download audiobooks from the Internet.

Technology contributed to developing an auditory educational approach. There is no need to communicate constantly with a live person to memorize useful information or bring a dictation machine to a class. Modern learners use compact and convenient MP3 players withextensive RAM,add, store and delete tracks whenever they need.

In this article, the experts from Pro-Papers consider the main advantages of listening to audiobooks over reading traditional paper books.


Students are busy today, not always have time and patience to sit calmly and stare at pages with text. There are so many dynamic activities they can engage in. That is why most young people hurry when doing homework, and this lowers the quality of knowledge gained.

If using headphones and putting an MP3 player in a pocket, your hands will be free. You can do many useful things while listening to an audiobook, for example, clean your room, cook dinner, do physical exercises. Course materials can be studied while walking in a park or traveling in public transport. So you will be able to cross off several items at once from a checklist, which makes MP3 player a perfect time management tool.

Health benefits

A sedentary lifestyle is a bad habit, especially for primary and middle school students whose musculoskeletal system undergoes rapid changes. Whether this process flows correctly influences person’s health throughout whole further life. It is difficult to always maintain a straight posture, that is why learners lean over a table while studying for several hours.This can lead to the loss of stature or scoliosis.

Also, reading can be harmful tovision. Young people read textbooks in a class and at home, use social networks andview entertaining articles at different websites. Eyes get tired of constant straining, especially if lightning is poor, a person keeps a book or a smartphone screen way too closely to one’s face. Therefore, if you do not want to wear glasses, better take advantage of audio format.

Learning to pronounce words

An MP3 player is a great educational assistant for people learning foreign languages. You may have an extensive vocabulary. But if not knowing how to pronounce words and use specific accents, native speakers are not likely to take you seriously.

If a person needs a foreign language to negotiate on important contracts with business partners, saying a world incorrectly may be rather embarrassing and spoil the impression of a firm represented by this person. At the same time, not all people have time and money to hire a personal tutor or attend courses. Thanks to MP3 players for solving this problem!

Considering course materials from a new perspective

Reading a text and pronouncing it in your head may be rather boring. But professional actors and radio hosts work on audiobooks. They know how to present any material interestingly and vividly, vary their speech depending on the context, transmit not only information but also feelings. It is much easier to memorize figures and facts if they are accompanied by emotions. Narrators emphasize the most important words and phrases helping learners to concentrate on them.

Sometimes, readers add comments to an authorial text, which is rather useful if a textbook on history is read by a historian having vast experience and original ideas. Individualized interpretation allows students to look on topics studied in an unusual way and come to unexpected conclusions.

Pauses play a very significant role, give listeners time to comprehend information received and emphasize its profundity. Raising a voice attracts attention to the key details and keeps students’ minds focused. These narrative techniques can revel academic disciplines’ additional facets which are usually overlooked when we read traditional books.

Audiobooks keep us entertained

It will be much more interesting for you to study literature because a professional narrator may turn any novel or play into a theatrical act. Although you will see no visuals, an audiobook will seem to a good film. Some audiobooks are read by several people which makes dialogues more realistic and emotional. It is possible to fully immerse in a plot and feel like a part of a story. Check whether your favorite actors have audiobooks. Listening to them will be an exciting and pleasant experience.

Collective learning

Let’s say you want to study some topics with classmates. It may be rather tedious to read long passages from a textbook aloud. In addition, you and your friends can read not well enough so that it will be difficult to stay focused. Turn on an MP3 player and listen to a track, stop it when some nuances should be discussed and then proceed listening. Spend your energy on comprehending a course material and making valuable conclusions instead of reading.

You will become a good narrator

Therefore, an MP3 player is an affordable and convenient concentration helper for everyone who wants to optimize learning, make it vivid and entertaining, receive information through different channels. We hope that audiobooks will help you to study course materials more profoundly.


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