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You really want to be an actor someday – the great one for certain. Well, you have to be in the best acting school then. This is not only to ensure you have the edge in landing a good job but also to attain essential knowledge and skills.

In turn, this will make you successful in your dreamt career, which can go along with online prep courses from providers like Magoosh. Prepare ahead by learning what is Magoosh? This is a great company to prep for any test.

Here in India, there are many great acting schools for you to choose from. Read on and check where you think you would want to kickstart your career in the entertainment industry.

Top Schools for Acting

Start building your career in acting in the educational institution appropriate for your skills. Be wise in your choice.

Barry John Acting Studio or BJAS in Mumbai

BJAS, which was established in Film City, Noida in 1999, runs under the non-profit association Theatre in Education Trust. The institution gains a reputation as the most respected Acting Studio in the country for more than 20 years.

Its acting and filmmaking courses aim to provide you with learning and techniques designed to last for a lifetime. These courses include Diploma in Film Acting, Filmmaking Courses, Certificate in Acting, and Young Actors Club.

It is the mantra of BJAS to turn students into actors inside-out other than just giving them tips.

Film & Television Institute of India

Pune’s FTII has a rich legacy when it comes to quality Indian-based cinema. Initially named as Prabhat Studio, the institute was established by the government at Pune in 1960. It was later renamed to FTII in 1971. It is one of the International Liaison Centre of Schools of Cinema and Television members.

Recently, FTII is famed as a centre for audiovisual media excellence and among the best institutes in the country. It is the home of award-winning celebrities like singer A. R. Rahman and technicians in the entertainment industry.

The original courses offered in the school include Film Editing, Screen Acting, Art Direction and Production Design, Screen Writing, Sound Recording and Sound Design, and Cinematography. It now has additional disciplines in television and film. Also, it has short term courses.

National School of Drama or NSD in Delhi

NSD is the Ministry of Culture’s autonomous institute and one among the most prestigious schools for acting in the country. The school is among the constituent units in the country in 1975. It serves as a theatre acting training school that is designed to prepare you for any acting medium.

Its syllabus is both comprehensive and highly intensive to cover every aspect of theatre.

You will have the opportunity to enroll in its great courses. Should you want to be a great singer like Shreya Ghoshal, you may want to join any of its courses like Voice and Speech, World Drama, Classical Indian Drama, Theatre Music, and Yoga.

It asks students to produce plays which, eventually, performed in the audience.

Asian Academy of Film and Television or AAFT

Asian Society of Film and Television-sponsored AAFT was established in 1993. AAFT is recognized as the first ISO 9001:2000 film institute and media school in the private sector. City & Guilds approved the school as an international training centre in 2002. Also, it is affiliated to International Film & Television club.

You can enroll in one of its courses such as Diploma in Acting for Film and Television, MSc in Cinema + Direction, Video Editing and Sound Recording, PGD in Media and Entertainment, and MSc in Journalism.

Whistling Woods International or WWI

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai established WWI in 2006 with different allied fields like media and entertainment, fashion, communication, and animation. It serves as an institution designed for fashion, communication, and film.

The courses offered include BA in Acting, Advanced Diploma in Acting, BA Screening, and BSc/BA in Animation Filmmaking.

Prepare your future career in acting in one or more of these schools. Other than the syllabus and courses of acting schools listed above, there are also revolutionized educational innovations you can check here. Also, check out this list of movies as reference to good acting.


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